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Since the beginning we’ve built a variety of custom guitar equipment. Cases, speaker cabs,
ATA cases, cables and accessories just to name a few. Browse around and see what calls to you.

Salvage Custom ATA Cases

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Salvage makes absolutely the most incredible and boutique pedal boards out there. The construction is absolutely solid and this thing looks phenomenal.

– Jayson Angove

Just got my board. Yes it took a long time but was it worth waiting for such beauty and craftsmanship? Yes, without doubt, yes it was! Daniel was a star, always helpful and honest and I would recommend Salvage Custom to anyone, anytime.

– Alex Gray

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No. Our boards supply AC power. It’s up to you to provide a DC pedal power unit. There are many reliable units out there, our personal preferences are the MXR MC-403, Voodoo Lab units, and the T Rex stuff.
Every Salvage board has internal patch boxes that are hard wired to the external jacks.  They shield the jacks and are very durable.  Just plug your first and last pedal into the provided jacks and you’re good to go!  Salvage rigs also come with an AC power supply with a master power switch on the side.  Internally you’ll find a standard NEMA plug (US 3 Prong) that you can plug your power supply into as well as any other power splitters that may fit in the board.
Yes we do! Anything is possible unless it sucks… Then I’ll likely talk you out of it or send you somewhere else.
Our boards are hand made by children. Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep children on task during a 14-hour shift?

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About Salvage Custom

Daniel Tyack has been a builder ever since he was a kid.  It’s in his blood.  He got the engineering gene from his Dad, a highly sought out electronics engineer from Southern California.

When Daniel was growing up, if there was something he needed, such as a plug or a printer cable and they didn’t have one, Daniel’s father would bring him into the garage and say…  READ MORE ABOUT SALVAGE CUSTOM